Come to the Well and Take a Holistic Course Online with Erin Kay as Your Guide

The Well Society: A 16-Week Intensive Program

Breathe again when you nourish yourself with a holistic health course that takes a biblically based approach to healing while helping you build a more intimate relationship with Jesus.

Made for "Yes" women who are ready to improve their life with more energy, joy, and less stress.

A woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink."
-John 4:4

In Community, We Can

Come to the Well and Nourish Ourselves with These Integrative Health Benefits

Who is Erin Kay?

Erin Kay is a Certified Christian Health Coach and Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). She brings these skills together to help women overcome stress, low energy, and other hardships in life through God. 

Erin shares relatable experiences to help you make wellness shifts that benefit your holistic wellness while building a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Want to learn more? 

What You'll Get

3 - Support Sessions

Get 3 confidential 30 minute 1:1 support sessions with Erin Kay

4 - Months of Well Sister Support

Get 4 months of confidential group Voxer access, where you can bond with Well Sisters that will hold you accountable.

7 - Courses

Get access to a Well of 7 courses to help support you on your journey to natural healing.

8 - Coaching Calls

Get 8 confidential 60 minute coaching calls with Erin Kay, a Licensed Certified Social Worker and Certified Christian Health Coach.

The Well Society Structure

Using the Scriptures as Your Guide

Month by Month You'll See Changes

Month One at the Well

In the first month at the well, it’s all about balance! Each member of the group will meet with Erin Kay to complete a life balance wheel session and start to implement a plan to increase satisfaction to increase life satisfaction in eight different areas! You’ll also begin the Soul Rejuvenation series.​

Month Two at the Well​

You will investigate what your core values are! (Think integrity, honesty, & compassion!) Then, you’ll create a heart and God centered life mission statement for yourself. Lastly, we will revise and publish your powerful life mission statement.​

Month Three at the Well​

As a group, you’ll check in with life balance and start to build a strong foundation for routines and habits you want to be lasting! You’ll also discover how to have peace in your relationship with yourself, others, and habits like eating and rest. ​​

Month Four at the Well​

In your last month, you’ll mitigate everything you’ve learned at the well and develop a sustainable future filled with Biblical wealth & wellness. This will include building a framework for the next decade! ​

When I first joined up with Erin on social media, I connected with a video she posted about going through dark times, but recognizing God and his love and wholeness for her always shining through.  I loved how honest she was.  I related to her story in a lot of ways.  I’ve grown in my walk with my sweet good Father just watching her live it out each and every day. I am loving and inspired seeing her pursue her God-inspired ventures with tenacity and passion.  Thanks, Erin for being a testament to God's goodness in your life and sharing your life with us.
Renetta G.
Inspired Facebook Follower
Working with Erin has helped me deepen my relationship with my Lord by allowing me to acknowledge that taking the time to read and better apply scripture to my everyday life is vital in my daily Christian walk. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in providing many opportunities for me to be still and listen to my Savior's works through daily scriptures, live discussions and bits of wisdom that I can easily apply in my mom/wife role.
Amy A.
Happy Client

Find Out Why Women Are Loving Erin Kay Coaching

I came to Erin through the thinnest of threads aka God knowing just what I needed! In just 4 sessions with Erin, I was able to drive down through the layers of my why. Erin is a great listener who is clearly rooted in the Word. She helped me identify unhealthy beliefs/mindsets I had. What started out as a goal of taming my emotional eating habits turned into so much more.
Patty H.
Happy Client

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