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Faith Based Life Coaching with Erin Kay

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Build a Joyful Lifestyle Through Faith Based Life Coaching with Erin Kay

Meal Plans

Meal plans created with the expertise of your personal certified Christian health coach. They taste great too!

Support & Motivation

Get the support and motivation you need, while building a more intimate relationship with God, where you feel supported.

Sustainable Routine Strategies

Sustain all the good habits you build with sustainable routine strategies from my expertise as a Licensed Master Social Worker.

Working with Your Personal Christian Life Coach, Erin Kay

Step 1: Book Your Coffee Chat

coffee chat

Book a time virtually or in person, to meet with me and have a cup of coffee in my office!

Schedule your very first life coaching call, and download voxer to have access to your personal life coach, Erin Kay, when you need her!

Step 2: Schedule Your First Coaching Call & Download Voxer

one on one life coaching

Step 3: Fill Out Client Surveys

Client surveys

Give Erin a better idea of who you are, what you want, and what you need, by filling out your client surveys. That way she can serve you in the best way possible.

With your one on one life coaching, you’ll receive access to life changing healing tools that will help you achieve your goals.

Step 4: Receive Your Access to Healing Tools

Sustainable healing

What We'll Do Together


Dive Into Nutrition

Good nutrition is one of the most powerful healing mechanisms that God has given us. It's easy to get overwhelmed when trying to make adjustments to your eating habits, but Erin Kay takes time to give you simple shifts to help you maintain better nutrition, so you can have more energy for your family and Christ.

wellness shifts

Curate Simple Wellness Shifts

You'll create simple wellness shifts with Erin Kay in your diet and habits to give you more energy and time while lessening your stress. These simple wellness shifts will help you and your family get back on track.


Find the Leaks in Your Time, Money, & Energy

Together you and Erin Kay will discover what is holding you back from living the life that God intended for you. From there, you'll develop a strategy for moving towards your goals.

life balance wheel

Implement a Christian Life Balance Wheel

One of the steps towards finding where you need to make simple shifts to reach your goals is completing the Christian Life Balance Wheel. This wheel will help Erin find your biggest pain points, so you can address them through simple shifts in your life and reach your goals.

generational curses

Overcome Generational Curses

Some of your coaching work together will include exploring what your limiting beliefs are. When you gain clarity of these beliefs it becomes easier to nurture the wounds causing issues in your self worth and stuckness. With Erin Kay, you'll heal these wounds through truth of Gospel and Scripture.

Sustainable wellness

Plan for Sustainable Personal Development

Together, you'll work to develop long-term financial stability, daily routines that put God at the center as well as medication, time, schedule, & relationship management with Erin Kay's SPADE method!


Erin Kay Coaching is amazing! Erin is a great Christian coach because she is a fantastic listener and loves people. Erin is authentic in her desire to help me lead a life that makes not just me, but God proud.
Cassie S.

Going Through Life Transitions? Try Faith Based Coaching Sessions

Erin Kay Coaching

With a one on one approach, Erin Kay is able to help you with a customized plan to reach your personal growth and wellness goals. With weekly coaching sessions, you'll be on your way to reach your indivdual goals in no time.