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Christian Goals for 2023

Focus In:
Set Christian Goals for 2023

What You'll Do In This
Two-Day Event

Set Christian Goals for 2023 based off of Simple Shifts

Learn How You Can Lean on the Lord for Support

Join Together in Prayer and Reflect on 2022

Meet Your Event Hostess
Erin Kay, Christian Life Coach

Erin Kay faith based Coaching

Erin Kay Is a Christian wife and mother to her husband and four children. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker and Certified Christian Health Coach.

She brings these skills together to create faith based life coaching for women’s success.

At the Focus In 2023 Event, she will dive deep into her signature SPADE method, which dives deep into God-driven goal setting for sustainable success and spiritual growth.


Stop Spending Time Setting New Year's Resolutions!

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, so many people decide to make big goals of losing weight, better finances, better eating habits, and more.

But here’s why it doesn’t work:

They start out strong in the new year but find themselves in a place of burnout and the classic February failure.

How do you avoid the February failure?

New Years Resolutions

Start Setting Christian Goals for 2023

faith goals for 2023

I want you to step into the refiner’s fire.

What does that mean?

Just as a blacksmith uses their fire to slowly shape metal into their final goal project, you will take a granular look at goal setting and create simple shifts that help you finally achieve sustainable success.

At this FREE event, you will learn how you can create Christian health goals for 2023 and walk with the Lord on a path to long term success.

So, I ask you, are you ready to make a change?

We have the opportunity take all the bits of wisdom we have learned in 2022 with us, to propel us forward in faith, joy, and hope . . . no matter what the world throws our way in 2023.