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Erin Kay Coaching

Hi! I'm Erin Kay, Founder of Erin Kay Coaching

Christian Health Coach
Erin Kay faith based Coaching

I’m so thrilled you are here 🙂 

I’m a Certified Christian Health Coach and Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), and I bring these skills together to be your go-to Women’s Christian Life Coach.

By sharing relatable experiences, I help you make simple shifts to help you tame overwhelm and reignite your passion toward your God-given purpose.

Above all, I am dedicated to my family. I’m a Jesus-loving wife to Wade and a mom to our four beautiful children.

In 2016, I experienced several back to back traumas resulting in significant weight gain and a devastating disconnect from my purpose as a daughter of God.

In 2018, God spoke directly to me and told me “enough was enough,” and I knew I had to make some mind-body changes. So, I took my health into my own hands and turned my health and weight around. Now, I am keenly aware of my health needs under God’s direction, and I am deeply rooted in my soul’s purpose.

As a result of my experiences and professional training as an LSMW, I started my own companies, Erin Kay Coaching, LLC. and Wholly Healthy Christian Moms, LLC.

It’s wholeheartedly my joy to come to the proverbial well with you to help you be well, do well, and feel well.

I’m an open book, so please, if you have any questions, reach out!

Be Well In Him,

Erin Kay

Christian Life Coach
Self Care

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